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 "I would like to let you know that I can speak perfect now with my Invisalign braces in! I owe my rapid adjustment to speaking with them in to your training. Thanks for your help."  TA - Toronto 

 'My career progress has been tremendous for the last few years and part of that is due to Gloria's suggestion to start a career journal. This benefited me in evaluating my progress, requesting for salary increase and setting my own career goals. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to be successful in their career." - Jeanne Marie Castor, Marketing Coordinator, Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto             

"Since working with Clearly Speaking I am able to communicate in a more direct manner and get the results I want. My managers and colleagues have noticed; My family and friends have noticed. Most importantly, I feel more confident and assured. "  - Caroline Abbotts, International Program Officer

“Gloria is a great mentor and more than just a specialist at what she does. Her attention to your needs surpasses any other trainer I have worked with. Gloria helped me focus on the content and delivery of my presentations. She coached me to be brief, to speak clearly and confidently, to project my knowledge and captivate my audience and use the right vocabulary. Gloria is always motivated and can easily motivate those around her. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.” – Mazen Haddad

“Gloria Pierre was an invaluable addition at our Employee Wellness Fair. Feedback on her presentation in the Glenn Gould studio was ‘excellent’, ‘worthwhile’, ‘helpful.’ Gloria was warm and encouraging. Her storytelling approach and positive focus on how to find expected and unexpected results in every situation fit right in with our theme of employee wellness. She is insightful, creative, empowering and a superb personal communications strategist.” Susan Gagliardi Human Resources Consultant CBC Employee Wellness Fair

“You used a humanistic approach to deal with a very sensitive concern we all encounter – our accent. You showed me logically how I can be misunderstood and misjudged. Most importantly, you showed me how to correct my communication in sessions that were entertaining and instructional.” - Anita Ng

“Gloria Pierre's expertise in communication management has helped me profoundly. I am a professional speaker, often doing 80-100 speaking engagements in a year. I have found that the exercises she prescribed not only added clarity, volume, and depth to my voice; they also allowed me to communicate for a much longer period of time without discomfort. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who has any kind of position that involves communication.” - Dave "The Shef" Sheffield  

 “I wasn't aware of the impression I was making. I was going unnoticed. Thanks to Gloria, I have become more self-aware and am interacting with people very differently. I have overcome thoughts and belief patterns that were self-defeating and I’ve gained healthier insights about myself and others. Gloria helped me become more confident at work and as a result I was promoted.” - Kathy Bobbsemple

 “I listened to my voicemail message and couldn’t understand what I was saying and I didn’t sound confident. I called Gloria. She correctly assessed my deficiencies and we started working on them. The result: increased confidence, increased meeting participation, increased communication awareness. The investment is for a lifetime of clearly speaking.” - Junnie Arreza

 "Dear Gloria, I am so grateful for having you as the trainer of Communication and Integration series training for M-Bridge. Your training is well-structured for the 4 sessions. The Round-Table setting instead of classroom setting provides participants a friendly and easy-interactive space to engage and to learn, which brings extraordinary value to our participants. Those topics hit right point of what is missing for professional immigrant’s integration in Canada. Thank you Gloria for your love and generosity. I look forward to more collaboration with you in future." Sophie Duan, Chair & Executive Director, M-Bridge

 "Good morning Gloria, I would like to thank you for the resourceful seminar last night and most importantly for being an authentic and patient coach, allowing a constructive discussion." Haneen Tamari, MSc. 


 "I always thought I was great at communicating and knew what it was, but Gloria has opened me up to a whole new way of communicating. The exercises she does has helped increase my self-confidence when dealing with others. It has taught me the valuable lesson of saying what I mean in a way that can be easily expressed and has even redefined the way I speak to myself. Each class I feel more empowered and transformed."   Marcia Latcha

"Gloria has transformed the manner in which McDougall Scientific employees communicate with each other and clients. We are more efficient, influential, and, to be perfectly honest, happier working with each other and our customers. We have regularly scheduled lunch-n-learns with Gloria to improve our listening, meeting, and teleconferencing skills, to name a few. Tremendous value in a very short period of time. Thank you Gloria!"  John Amrein,  VP Mcdougall Scientific